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Looking for a stone care company in South Florida area that combines an understanding of traditional building methods and more modern technical advancements?

Acropolis Marble Polishing delivers state-of- the-art stone restoration service for homes and commercial buildings.

We arrive on time and take extra precautions with your property by protecting the surfaces surrounding work areas.

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs, from a new installation to a thirty-year- old floor.

Acropolis Marble Polishing is dedicated to the quality and complete restoration of your Marble Floors • Marble Walls • Marble Counter Tops • Vanity Tops • Marble Table Tops • Marble Shower Walls • Lobbies • Elevators • Yachts • Concrete • Granite • Terrazzo • Travertine • Limestone • Mexican Tile • Cuban Tile • Terracotta • Onyx • All Natural Stones



  • Cleaning – to remove embedded dirt, wax and other build-up.
  • Honing – to remove superficial scratches and flaws from foot traffic.
  • Grinding – to eliminate deep scratches, lippage and other imperfections.
  • Sanding – to eliminate extremely deep scratches that need isolated attention.
  • Resurfacing – to remove the dull outside layer of the stone and reveal the beautiful look that once had.
  • Polishing – to achieve a satin / matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish.
  • Sealing – to protect your surface from water and oil-based stains, and prevent staining and discolorations.
  • Lippage removal – to eliminate the presence of uneven level floor tiles that are higher and lower than their neighboring tiles due to poor installation.
  • Stains removal – from organic stains such as coffee, tea, food, tobacco, cosmetics; biological stains such as mildew,  mold, fungus or algae; and etch marks caused by acids such as wine, vinegar, bleach and general household cleaners.
  • Grouting, filling holes and making crack repairs when necessary.
  • Maintenance services – because stone requires regular maintenance to preserve its integrity and finish.
  • And Much More